One day skiing trip from Copenhagen: Vallasen 4


It is the ski resort that is really close to Copenhagen (only 110km) so it is a perfect place for one day trip. There are 2,6km of slopes available with 5 different lifts (two chairlifts and three draglifts). The degree of difficulty is varying, from slopes that are really easy to more advanced. There is also possibility to do cross country skiing with around 7km of routes available.


Here are some pictures made on the slopes.  We had a little rainy day so snow melted a little, but even with that, it was really a lot of fun and we are going there again this year 🙂

Equipment rental

You can rent the equipment either on site or via website. Last time I just got my snowboard on site and there were plenty of skiis and snowboards left, but I you want to feel safe you can always prebook it.

If you need more details about prices check out their website.

Remember to take an ID with you.


There is an electrical grill available where you are free to prepare food for youself. There is also restaurant located at the bottom of the slope, if you feel like grilling is not for you and you would just prefer to eat and drink something hot. Here you can find the menu for the resturant.

How to get there

Vallasen is located only 110 km away from Copenhagen! So it is a short drive away. There are multiple choices of transportation. Of course you can just drive there with your car, but just remember the fees on the bridge.

You can also reach the resort by bus.

SKITRIP 1-day tours every Saturday. In weeks 5- 8 they also drive every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.

BUSTEAM – 1-day tours every Saturday.

If you are not sure if there is snow, you can always check webcams on their website. I found it really usefull when I was planning a trip there.

For more details check out Vallasen official website.

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