Ales Stenar

Ales stenar

Ales Stenar is an ancient megalithic monument of Sweden. It is the largest and best-preserved ship setting in Sweden. It consists of 59 stone boulders, being 67 meters long and 19 meters wide made in the shape of a longship.
The Ales Stenar were placed on the cliff 1,400 years ago, although they stand over a burial site that dates somewhere between 500-1000AD.

No one knows why it was raised for sure. However, the ship’s central lines point at the spot on the horizon where the sun rises on the winter and summer solstices. So maybe it was some sundial – solar calendar? Or perhaps a grave of a significant person? No one knows for sure.

One thing is certain; the impressive stones stand now over the cliff showing the magnificent view.

Not far from the stones, there is a camping spot and a huge parking lot. From that place, it is around 10 minutes hiking to get to the cliffs.

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