Roadtrip in Romania: Viscri Fortified Church

Viscri fortified church

Viscri Fortified Church is one of the many fortified churches that are located in Transilvania. It is a Lutheran church that has been built around 1100.  In 12th century Saxons arrived to Viscri and they have found a little chapel. Afterwards, the citadel was transformed many times until it became what we can see now. Because it was built  by the Szekler population and then taken over by Saxon colonists the ceiling is straight instead of traditional vaulted one.

In 1999 it has been enlisted, together with neighbouring village, to UNESCO World Heritage List.

The entrance to it is just 5 lei and the place is amazing.

We only had one problem – the road. It was really hard to get there as sometimes the asphalt just ended and there were many holes on the road. It didn’t help that for some time we were driving behind a truck and the only thing we were able to see was a big cloud of dust 🙂 We also had a scary moment when we had to cross a “bridge” – two wooden planks. We really hoped that they would not break and that we will be able to aim correctly at them with the car ;P

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