Roadtrip in Romania: Sibiu

Sibiu was our second hotel stop.

The city was the largest and wealthiest of the seven walled citadels. The town is really charming and around the city you can still see some of the old fortifications and defensive towers. Originally there were 39 towers but only couple of them withstood the test of time.

The city is divided into The Upper Town and The Lower Town. Most of the buildings in the old town were built by German settlers and merchants who came to Sibiu. The Upper Town has most of the sights you would like to see in Sibiu and is surrounded by 3 squares – the Great Square, Little Square and Huet Square.

The Lower Town was developed around the fortifications and is filled with many cute houses. For some reason the windows on the roofs remind me of eyes, making the whole building look like a big smiling face 😉


What to see and do:

There are several streets and stairways leading from the upper to the lower town. While strolling around the streets is pleasure itself, there are some places that are more interesting than others. My favourite one passes beneath the iron Bridge of Lies.

There are a lot of legends surrounding weird naming of the bridge. One of them says that whenever someone lies the  bridge starts moving and making noises. Another one claims that whenever merchants in old times cheated and got caught, they were thrown off that bridge. The last one mentions the girls and boys meeting before the wedding on the bridge in medieval times. If a girl lied about her virginity , she would have been thrown out of the bridge too.


Another place worth going is the Evangelical Cathedral that stands in the middle of the city. It looks really nice both from outside and inside, but what is really awesome is that you can actually climb the tower and see amazing views of the whole city.

The most stunning orthodox church I’ve ever been is also located in this city. Holy Trinity Cathedral was the most decorated church I’ve been so far. There was a lot of gold everywhere and I really enjoyed the sight.

 There are a lot of museums around so if you are interested you should check them out.

I think the best part of Sibiu experience is to go strolling around in the alleys and just looking around at the buildings and fortifications.

I can recommend a really good restaurant that I managed to find in Sibiu. It was called Crama Ileana and was serving typical Romanian food. The place was charming and had really good food.


+ Charming city, with many nice alleys and buildings. Perfect for strolling around.

+ Nice restaurant with typical Romanian food – Crama Ileana

– A lot of turists

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