Driving through Lake Mead National Recreation Area

Driving through Lake Mead National Recreation Area

After leaving Hoover Dam behind, we ditched the main roads and drove through Lake Mead National Recreation Area towards Valley of Fire.

Lake Mead National Recreation Area is America’s first and largest national recreation area, with acres of mountains, canyons, valleys, and two vast lakes. With that comes a multitude of activities like hiking, swimming, fishing, and more.

Even though we didn’t have time to go for an extended hike in the area, that didn’t stop us from taking breaks every so often to take photos of everything around us. We were awestruck at how incredible the area looked, with miles of roads stretching toward the horizon and disappearing between mountains and red rock formations.

We were stunned by the abundance of stops where one could rest, have a picnic, or grill some meat – though, I don’t think anyone felt like adding an additional heat source to the already 40°C surroundings. Though, I can imagine it’s a fantastic idea when it is not boiling hot 🙂

Check out the NPS website for more information about camping, hiking trails, and the idea of what to do.

Entrance Fee

Check the prices here.

We opted for the “America The Beautiful” annual pass as we had several parks in our plans, making it the cheapest option.

Visitor Center

Make sure to check out the visitor center and buy a stamp book. In every park, you can find stamps to collect, making it a great souvenir.

The Visitors Center is located right when you get off the highway before Entrance Fee Station. We, unfortunately, missed it ;(

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