Two weeks in Japan during Sakura season

Sakura flowers

Before I write anything about the trip, you should know that this was my DREAM destination!

I have wanted to go to Japan for the last 10+ years 🙂 Ever since I have discovered mangas, anime I fell in love with the country, the culture and the language. And so my dream started, but every year I found an excuse why I should not go: no money, no time, no holidays, health problems, you know all of the usual excuses 🙂 Until one day in January this year, I was sitting in front of my computer. I got pissed that another year is passing by and Japan is again on hold. So without much thinking, I just booked the tickets! I couldn’t comprehend how easy that was! 10 years of waiting and it was all one click away! And so I started planning my EPIC trip:D

My parents were terrified when I told them the news 😀 Their not so little girl was going to go all alone to such faraway land!!

What do I think about Japan?

That was the best holidays of my life! All the things I have read about in mangas were there! And have I mentioned I was lucky enough to be there during hanami – cherry blossom season?! 😀 Exactly, double the magic!!

Japan is a country of contrast; new technologies are deeply intertwined with traditions. You can find secluded places in the cities bustling with life. Japanese are the most customer oriented nation I have ever seen. Everything is clean, and yet you won’t find a trash can anywhere. The coolest thing is that you can set your watch according to trains schedule! Not many people speak English fluently, yet there was no problem getting any information!

I will try to describe all the places I’ve been to and what I have experienced, so stay tuned!! It might take me a while though;p I “only” took 6500 photos, so it is taking some time to go through them 😀

To make you look forward here are some pictures (More coming!!)


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