Hamlet in Kronborg

Hamlet in Kronborg

When friends decide to pay you a visit, you always think hard where to take them. At least, it is like that in my case. You want to find some cool place, little bit off the beaten path. Of course, Copenhagen city center is the must see, but there is so much more to Denmark than only city center!

That is why, when my friend visited me, I took her to Kronborg (one of the most important Renaissance castles in Northern Europe that is enlisted on the UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites). I was already there once (I wrote about Kronborg Christmas market here) and I really liked the castle. In case we would get too bored in there, we could check out Helsingør city center, which is really hygge (famous Danish word for cozy 😀 ) or hop onto the ferry and check out Helsingborg in Sweden. So in one word, many possibilities, which is perfect!

We were also super lucky because when we visited they were playing Hamlet in the castle!! And not the boring one. They have adjusted the text so everyone would understand. Actors were running around the whole castle, having plays in different parts. At the beginning we only wanted to do a guided tour, see maybe one or two pieces and be on our way. But it was such an interesting way of seeing the castle, that we stayed until the very end! We followed the actors through the corridors, up and down the stairs. Everyone became totally immersed in the play.


Why Hamlet of all the plays?

Good that you ask:)

The castle is just really cool, but what makes it even cooler is that it has also been immortalized as Elsinore in Hamlet by William Shakespeare.

See the connection now 😀

Some more info

The ticket costs 140kr and you can get in and out of castle the whole day, just keep it for the inspection. If you want more info, check their website.

If you don’t belive how awesome it was, look at the pictures, they don’t lie 🙂



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