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Escape Rooms in Poland

I am lucky enough to have a family in the area, that is a mekka for Escape Rooms – Silesia. A lot of the rooms located in the region place on top of best room’s list. Over the years I’ve tried several of them, and I will try to add those I visited here for reference.

If you are looking for escape room in the city you are visiting, check out website called LockMe, for inspriation and ideas. You can also book through it.

Below I will write a short descriptions of rooms (no spoilers), how many of us were there and when we visited them.


Expecto Patronum!
53 per room
  • 240 PLN/400 DKK/ 53 Euro
  • Visited in February 2022
  • 2 Players
  • Room available in English and Polish
  • http://escapetime.pl/
  • Technology: Electronics

If you are a Harry Potter fan, don’t miss this room! Even if Harry is not your cup of tea, the room is excellent, it is meticulously prepared, and the atmosphere is fantastic. The moment you open your eyes in the room, you are transported into a world full of magic.

There are no locks, so forget about looking for numbers at every corner. The room uses interesting technology, making you believe you are actually surrounded by magic. Some tasks could be performed simultaneously; some required us to work together closely. We never struggled to find the riddles, and once found, solving them was logical and fun. Level-wise, the puzzles were easy/intermediate; we never were stumped to find a solution. But I am sure; even if you are an advanced player, you will enjoy this room.

The room, as such, had some elements in Polish; however, the staff made sure we could fully enjoy
everything in English, from smartly placed envelopes with instructions
in English or a tiny Dobby whispering translations into our ears.


The best room in Gdańsk so far. Definitely recommended.

Sala Przesłuchań
Interrogation room
27 per room
  • 120 PLN/200 DKK/ 27 Euro
  • Visited in February 2022
  • 2 Players
  • Room available only in Polish
  • http://escapetime.pl/
  • Technology: Locks

In this room, you become an investigator, trying to solve a murder mystery. As the name suggests, you start in the interrogation room, working your case like a true detective.

The room is lock-based, requires a lot of reading and connecting facts. It is also linear, meaning unless you solve a riddle, you cannot progress further. 

The biggest trouble with this room was that it required a LOT of reading in polish. It is usually not a problem with some polish as we’re are efficient with translating things to each other. However, since my boyfriend’s polish is still at the toddler level, and the room was text-based, we wasted a lot of time translating things. In the end, it was only me looking for info as the solutions were in details that went missing or were forgotten in the translation.


Not for foreigners. 

Overall, it’s an okay room if you are looking for something to do in the evening, though I wouldn’t rank it at the top. It was fun enough, not too dull, but not exceptional either.


Schron 2.0
The bunker
22 per room
  • 100 PLN/165 DKK/ 22 Euro
  • Visited in February 2022
  • 2 Players
  • Room available in Polish
  • http://podziemnapulapka.pl/pokoje
  • Technology: Locks

The story goes: You are running away from the danger, and you find a safe bunker, but is it safe?

It was a linear, lock-based room that required some knowledge of Polish. Though, if we wrote to the staff ahead of time, I am sure it would be possible to prepare the clues in English, as there were only a couple of things that required translation.

Once you found the clue, solving the riddle was relatively easy. We struggled a little with just finding the clues itself. There were moments where we asked ourselves, “cool, we got the answer, so what’s the next step”. I wish the riddles were a bit more challenging; once we saw the question, it took us moments to find the answer. We didn’t feel like the story significantly impacted the room’s puzzles; it could be entirely different and use the same riddles.



If you are a foreigner, talk with the staff if they can do it in English.

Easy room for a casual evening. If it’s available on the day, you can give it a go, but I wouldn’t be planning a trip around it.


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