Knuthenborg Safaripark – discover savannah in Denmark

Knuthenborg Safaripark

When Corona hit Denmark, we were looking into different activities that we could participate in that didn’t require us to interact with many people. Thus we discovered Knuthenborg Safaripark, located in Lolland, only 1,5 hours away from Copenhagen by car. 


Knuthenborg Safaripark is Northern Europe’s largest safari park, offering insight into the life of many different animals. It is a vast nature area of ​​about 500 hectares with more than 1000 free-ranging animals that you can see face to face. 

We drove the car slowly throughout most of the park while marveling at the incredible creatures from the open window. On the savannah, which is the largest in the Nordic, we saw zebras, giraffes, and other animals usually inhabiting savannahs. Some areas with dangerous animals like wolves or tigers required us to drive into Jurassic park-styled cages and ensure all our windows were closed. There were also some locations where we could walk and approach more docile animals like goats, ponies, donkeys, or camels.

Knuthenborg Safari Park has one of the largest elephant facilities in Europe and is now home to the last circus elephants in Denmark.

In 2019, all media in Denmark were writing about Denmark acquiring the elephants from the circus and letting them enjoy their retirement. Interestingly, the government decided also to buy a camel Ali that was best buddies with one of the elephants – Ramboline, so they could continue hanging out together and being friends 🙂

One zone that knocked me off my feet was the Dinosaur Forest, with life-size replicas of dinosaurs. I am pretty sure if I were a kid, I would be shocked by the roars and movement of some of the dinosaurs. It felt so life-like that my jaw dropped, and I truly adored the area!


Limpopoland is a small amusement park in the middle of the safari park. There are a couple of rides and activities, mainly aimed at kids. You can also find some restaurants and areas for a small break. 

We haven’t checked out this area as it didn’t seem like something we would fancy from the description. Click here to check out yourself if you would be interested.


If you like animals and would like to spend more time with them and see how they behave in the morning, during feeding, or at night, booking a room with a window view of different enclosures is possible. 

It is not the cheapest option, but then again, you have a first-row seat into the life of different animals allowing you to observe a tigers’ or wolves’ den, elephant enclosure, monkey area, or other animals inhabiting the savannah.

Check out the details here.

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