Driving in Norway


One of the best ways to see Norway is to go by car or caravan. It gives you the freedom of reaching remote locations and allows you to go where your heart leads you without any precise plan 🙂
Even though the car is the most comfortable for me, it doesn’t mean you can’t see Norway with other transportation modes. But I will write more about them in another post.


There are a lot of roads in Norway that have a toll. They have also started using the same system for the ferries.  

If you are going to drive your own car, you can:

  • Use a BroBizz – a dongle that lets you pay for roads, bridges, and ferries in Denmark and Scandinavia to automatically pay for Norway’s roads. Check out this website.
  • Register via EPC and all the bills will be forwarded to that account. To read more check out this link.

If you don’t register, it is also fine; they will find you either way 🙂 It will take just more time, and once they do, they will charge you the most expensive tariff. The reason is that, on the EPC website, you specify what kind of car you drive and what fuel it uses; they have different prices for them. But if you won’t register, they don’t want to waste time looking for that info for you; they will just charge you the highest tariff. You can call it a tax for being lazy 😉

If you think you can skip paying the toll with a rental car, sorry to disappoint you 🙂 Your car company will get the bill that will later be forwarded to you 🙂

Road numbers

If you want to know what kind of road you will drive in Norway, look at the number. The more numbers it has, the narrower it becomes. And when it comes to narrow roads, Norway has plenty 🙂 My boyfriend is still scared after passing another car on the bridge with his hand next to the mirror to make sure he didn’t scratch the other car 🙂 And Norwegians are used to those roads, so they don’t even slow down. A Norwegian hitchhiker girl once rescued me when I got stuck in a super narrow bend and an oncoming bus didn’t want to give me the way (even though he saw two panicking girls inside who had no idea what to do 😀 )

Animals on the road

When driving in Sweden and Norway, always pay attention to any animals that might jump on the road, especially at dusk. Animals get on the hot tarmac to warm up quite often. During our trip, we encountered mooses, elks, sheep, reindeers, and foxes 🙂

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