Tokyo Tower

It is finally time to visit the capital!

Tokyo has been Japans capital since 1869. Tokyo Metropolis is the most populous metropolitan area in the world! It is humongous! It was the first city I have been to that I could not see the end of, even while standing on the observation deck 450m above the city!

One thing for sure, whatever you might be interested in, you will find it in Tokyo. Crazy restaurants, historic buildings, cozy coffee, shopping centers, cosplay. Everything!

I loved the city and hated it at the same time. I don’t think I could try all crazy different things during such a short time anywhere else in the world. But it was too crowded for me. I did not learn yet to run full force into the train so I could fit 🙂 In the upcoming posts I will describe what I have experienced in this crazy and fantastic place!

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