Cherry blossoms in Langelinie Park

Langelinie Cherry Blossoms

Every year in April, Langelinie Park gets surrounded by hundreds of cherry blossoms, attracting Copenhageners for picnics and photo sessions. There are as many as 200 trees planted in the park!

Even though cherry blossom (sakura) viewing is a popular activity in Japan, not having much in common with the cold north, Danes came to love the flowers and enjoy sunny afternoons among thousands of petals.

Every year, for one weekend by the end of April, one can take part in Copenhagen Sakura Festival, where one can immerse themselves in Japanese culture and different art forms such as drum shows, folk dance, and martial arts. In addition, one can also try ramen, sushi, bento, green tea ice cream, mochi, and okonomiyaki, to name a few Japanese specialties.

Check this website to know more about Sakura Festival.

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