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The Christmas time is slowly aproaching (yeah, yeah I know it’s more than a month left) but it’s the time to get ready for Christmas markets!!

I love going and visiting them! It’s not about buying stuff, it is about the atmostphere, the lights and the sprit of Christmas. The cold winter snow on your cheeks and hot Glögg -mulled wine in your hand.  So, yeah, I love them!!!

I sat one evening and decided to go somewhere for a weekend so I’ve booked tickets to Frankfurt. Why have I chosen it?

  • It was cheap, ~500kr both ways
  • I was able to fly Friday evening and comeback Sunday evening (so did’t have to take any holidays!)
  • There is a direct flight from Copenhagen
  • It is in Germany and they are crazy when it comes to Christmas markets 🙂

Frankfurt Christmas market is one of the oldest in Germany tracing back to 1393! Even though, you might think that Frankfurt is only financial city full of skyscrapers, it has also a charming side! The old city (Altstadt) is an area where you will find old buildings and Christmas markets that stretches from the Zeil shopping mall to the Römerberg and down to the river Main. There is ~200 stalls full of Christmass things 🙂

What to do and try:

Taste mulled wine – glühwein or Glögg 

You just pay a deposit for a mug and then you can walk with it and fill it up at different stalls (yeah, you do pay for refills). It is either white or read wine so pick your favourite and enjoy !

Eat some Christmas cookies – Lebkuchen

They are ginger bread cookies in the shape of a heart. You can’t visit the market and not try them!

Eat even more different candies 🙂

There are so many different cookies, candies and chocolates everywhere!  Try also roasted almonds! I saw some nice chocolate tools made entirely out of chocolate! It’s heaven for those with sweet tooth!

Go to Wagners Honighus

They have the best hazelnut honey ever! I have never ate such good honey in my life! But beware, on the airport I have learned that honey is a apparently a liquid so you are not allowed to bring a big jar in your hand luggage! Thankfully, really nice guard let me in with just “remember for next time”. Apart from the awesome honey, you can also find many different kinds of mead that you can try out and all things that can be made out of wax.

Climb to the top of St. Nicholas Church

After getting to the top, you will be able to see the view of old city with Christmas market, the river and skyscrapers in the background. Really amazing view!

Just go around and experience the spirit of Christmas!

Christmas market in Frankfurt starts on 23 November and lasts until 22 December.

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