Halloween in Energylandia


Energylandia in Zator

During Halloween period I went back to Poland and my brother took me to an amusement park that was nearby our city. It is located close to Krakow and Katowice and they both have big airports. Later I have learned that Energylandia is the biggest themed park in Poland.

Truth to be told, I did not expect much from this place as in Poland there aren’t really many nice amusement  parks… Unfortunately. The one that I remember as the best had one small rollercoaster with 2 loops and it made it to the headlines… Anyway, my expectations were really low. So imagine my surprise when I arrived to this place and saw humongous parking lot. That kinda made me start thinking that it might not be that bad. And then, we have approached the front gate. It was beautifully decorated with pumpkins and some Halloween song was playing in the background. I must admit, I started being intrigued. And then we entered the place.

That place was amazing! It actually had 3 big rollercoasters, a lot of other fast rides, attractions for kids or people who might not particularly enjoy speedy rides. And yes, going into the water slide might not have been our best idea, you know end of October = cold, and yeah we realised the mistake when we got wet ;P But it was still fun and we got heated up in a special machine.

As I mentioned, the park has many really cool attractions and it looks like it will grow even bigger, as the only thing that is surrounding it are fields! There are still some things that should be improved like staff being a little bit nicer or music being heard in the lines. But overall it is really cool place to go and spend a day 🙂

During the time we were there the whole park was nicely decorated with ~2000 pumpkins and other cool decorations. The only drawback was that it was not illuminated at night;( It lacked a little bit of magic, like the one you can experience in Tivoli gardens. Too bad, as it had really big potential!

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