Røsnæs – land of clay


Røsnæs peninsula, stretching 15 km from the west coast of Zealand, is a picturesque area perfect for hiking. Interestingly, it is one of Denmark’s driest and sunniest places, with many wineries on the hilly slopes and interesting plants and animals you would usually not find in this part of Denmark. Flower-and-insect-rich meadows and grasslands with fluffy cows surround the area, making a trek in this spot an unforgettable experience.

Røsnæs was formed by a wall of clay, rock, sand, and gravel that was pushed up during the last ice age 15 000-20 000 years ago. When hiking by the sea, you will get a chance to see green and red clay lying on the ground and embedded in the slopes, which is rock hard when dry, and plastic and liquid when moist. We were intrigued by weird green stones and had no idea why they were such peculiar colors until we picked them up and realized it was clay! 

The trail leads through pastures on narrow paths between the crooked ivy-covered hawthorns and beautiful wind-shaped bushes. Follow the path to the tip of the peninsula and visit the lighthouse, from which you can see Funen, Samsø, Mols, and the Great Belt Bridge. In the northwest corner of Skanseskoven, you can also see two concrete bunkers on each side of the coastal path, remnants of the German fortification from World War II.

Click here for more info about Røsnæs (in Danish).


There are different routes of different lengths. If you do not feel like walking the entire Røsnæs Rundt, which is ~25 kilometers, you can choose to walk one of the other 1.5-3 kilometers long routes.

We were there at the beginning of March, and the wind was freezing our faces off, so we only did small loops in the area, leaving the long trek for a warmer time.


Denmark is a perfect country for sleeping under the stars in nature. Check out this website for a map of where you can find shelters and tent areas.  We saw a couple of them welcoming hikers during our trip. So maybe an idea for an extended weekend?

Shelter in Røsnæs
Shelter in Røsnæs

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