Meet Jensnej, the Playful Troll of Ring Skov


Tucked away among the trees of the picturesque Ring Skov near Brædstrup, a youthful troll Jensnej is hiding. Imagine stumbling upon him as he gleefully holds a mirror above, capturing his image amidst the forest’s embrace. Jensnej isn’t just any troll; his name, a palindrome, spells the same from both ends, much like the reflections of his face – one real, one mirrored. The scene is set against a backdrop of towering firs, so lofty that Jensnej cranes his neck to gaze upon their splendor, his face alight with joy in the mirror, a testament to the area’s beauty and the towering majesty of the trees.


The easiest way to find him is to drive to Brædstrup Aktivitetspark (Skovvejen 17, 8740 Brædstrup). 

Make time to explore the activity park – I personally had an exhilarating time on the swings! Meander through the verdant forest, relax, spend a night in a cozy shelter, or engage in a thrilling treasure hunt. The area is brimming with opportunities for a day packed with fun, exploration, and unforgettable adventures.

A poem about Jensnej by his author- Thomas Dambo 

His name is not Jens Yes, but No.
It is spelled the same the other way around
Because the world is full of mistakes
But not in Jensnej’s mirror

When he looks in the mirror, 
heavy stones turn to light feathers
Autumn turns to sunny weather
and chestnuts to lingonberries

So if you meet Jens one day,
don’t laugh, wipe off your smile,
and look into the mirror, bitter and angry,
and Jens will know you are happy 

Because Jens can be difficult to understand
But give him a chance and hang on
Do not be frightened by His reflection
He just misses talking to someone

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