Elles Helle: Viborg’s Stone Guardian

Elles Helle

Our next destination led us to the serene outskirts of Viborg. Here, amidst the gentle hum of nature, stands Elle, a guardian figure poised with a monumental three-ton stone in her grasp. She’s nestled among a hundred other imposing stones, arranged like ancient sentinels, silently guarding the land from human intrusion.

Elle isn’t just a mere statue; she embodies the spirit of the land, watching over Ellekone Hill and ensuring the tranquility of the southern part of Viborg remains undisturbed.

As you walk around, you can spot a wooden board bearing a poem, offering insights into the lore of the land. The poem reads:

Once upon a time, there was a fairy hill, so young and beautiful and sweet

Once upon a time, there was a fairy dancing here when the sun was red 

Once upon a time, there were flowers, beech trees, and a blacksmith dressed in gold

Once upon a time, the earth was full of worms, and the mole dug the soil


Then a huge monster came, and it ate a piece of the hill 

And so the fairy screamed and ran away across the field 

Many long years passed, and the lace turned brown 

And the fairy returned home to the hill as a wife 


And with her, in a sack, she carried a hundred stones on her neck 

And have now put them across the field as a defense that shields the hill 

And behind them, Elle now lives in a hideaway from that monster 

That tries to get in and eat the hill full of flowers


Elles Helle

Elles Helle

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