Hundested Sand Skulpture Festival 2016

I wanted to check out this Hundested Sandskulptur Festival for a long while, but there was always something else that popped out. But as the festival is slowly coming to the end I had to go! And that was also excellent excuse for a biking trip – the September weather right now is just perfect for that!

The festival was pretty cool, though I thought it would be little bit bigger. However, when I started to think that all those sculptures are standing in the rain/ sand/ wind for the last 4 months I was really impressed! Not to mention they are really huge! So if you have some time next weekend, check it out!

Nearby the festival area, there is really nice sandy beach where we took a break and actually jumped into the water! And yes, it was really cold but after a while we just got used to it and had a lot of fun swimming around. And as the sun was shinning, we dried up in a blink of an eye 😉

To get there we took a train from Herlev to Frederikssund St. and then biked to Hundested, where the festival is taking place. On the way back we chose a road to Hillerød St. where I took a train to Lyngby. The road was not hard, it was ~60km and there were many great sights along the way!


If you are interested, check it out, you have time until 18th September. The entrance fee is 45kr for an adult and you can enter the  festival through the whole day. If you want more information go to the website under this link.

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