Copenhagen Air Experience

The time to fly finally arrived 😉 Thanks to Copenhagen Air Experience I didn’t have to jump out of a plane to do that!

There are several plans you can buy (and yeah they are little bit pricey), but if you are considering and are not sure if you are going to like it or not, take at least 2 times 2 minutes. First two minutes you will try to figure out how to do it and the other 2 minutes you will really enjoy it!  Through the whole time there is an instructor in the tunnel with you, he catches you and helps you, so don’t worry you will not fly away or die 😉

Even though it’s pricey, after 10 minutes in total (can be done over couple of sessions) you are eligible to book longer sessions (like 1 hour-long) that are much cheaper, plus you can get into the tunnel with you friends to try doing some tricks together.

After all the fun you can buy a video of you flying (75kr.) and you can laugh you butt off ;]

 Below is a shortened version of me trying to float cool xD

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