Hundested Sand Sculpture Festival 2020

Hundested Sand Sculpture Festival 2020

If you are into sand sculptures or just looking for something different to do around the Copenhagen area, check out the Hundested Sand Sculpture Festival.

It is organized for the 9th time this year! It became my yearly tradition to check it out while making a short biking trip 😉 The theme this year is “What a wonderful world” and is a tribute to our planet and all the beauty of life.  

There are fantastic sculptures from artists from all around the world, a play area for adults and kids where you can unfold your creativity, and a small cafe if you feel like some refreshments.

The good news is, you have plenty of time to check it out; it lasts until 8th October 2020.

For more info, check out the festival website.

While in the neighborhood, check out the harbor with small cafes and the beach. There is nothing better than hopping into the sea after several kilometers on a bike 🙂

The idea for a bike route:

This year I did a smaller route of around 60km. I took the train to Frederikssund and, from there, biked to the ferry from Kulhuse to Sølager. The ticket was around 30kr with a bike, so not that bad 🙂 Afterwards, it is a short distance from Sølager to Hundested Havn. This route was nice, not super hilly, but there were no bike paths, so we had to bike on the road.

On the way back, we went through Frederiksværk to Frederikssund. It was way more hilly than on the other route, especially close to Frederiksværk. Nonetheless, it was still a beautiful road.

Bike Trip

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