Fårup Sommerland: A Theme Park Lover’s Dream Destination

Fårup Sommerland

Being a passionate amusement park lover, I simply couldn’t resist the chance to explore Fårup Sommerland, particularly since we had already relished the delights of Djurs Sommerland the previous year.

During our summer break, the weather was unkind, with a lot of rain. However, we lucked out on the day of our visit as the forecasted rain only drizzled a little. We channeled our inner Viking and went with the Scandinavian approach of “there is no bad weather, only bad clothes.” And so, armed with umbrellas and raincoats, we decided a mere rain ain’t gonna stop us. While the doom-and-gloom weather forecast scared off most sun-seekers, we hit the jackpot! There were only a few people in the middle of busy summer! I think the longest we waited was 5-10 minutes for the most popular rollercoaster.

Fårup Sommerland
I had a wonderful time at the park, as there were plenty of exciting rides to choose from, including exhilarating rollercoasters. Although, I must admit, the spinning rides did cause me to feel a bit queasy afterward. I guess I am too old for those 😛

We didn’t try the water park due to the rain, instead opting to ride rollercoasters as much as possible. By the way, there was recently a contest where participants attempted to break the record for most consecutive rollercoaster rides, with some managing over 100 rides in a row!

Fårup Sommerland

Fårup Sommerland

If I compare it to Djurs Sommerland, this amusement park is slightly smaller but has more exciting roller coasters. However, what I missed here was the theming and division into specific themed zones that Djurs Sommerland had.

Did I have fun? Definitely, and I would recommend it any day!

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