Den Tilsandede Kirke – sand-burried church

Den Tilsandede Kirke

Den Tilsandede Kirke is also known as The Buried Church. It was built in the 14th century but became a popular landmark because it became a symbol of the lost fight against fierce nature.

During the 18th century, the church slowly became devoured by sand. The villagers tried to fight with nature for many years but it was a futile struggle and they had to give up. After that, the church got demolished leaving only the tower standing. The tower then became both the symbol of the power of nature and a navigational landmark for the ships. The whole village sounding the church also got buried underneath the sand and disappeared.

It was not until the establishment of the Skagen Dune Plantation in the 19th century that the trees were planted and partially succeeded in curbing the sand flight, however, it was too late for the church and the village.

It is yet another place that demonstrates the power of nature. As in previous sites, it is amazing and really scary when you realize that the whole village got buried completely under the sand!

In the picture you can see how the place used to look:

Den Tilsandede Kirke

You should try climbing to the top of the tower to see the panoramic view of the area. From there how big the church used to be thanks to the poles in the ground marking the walls of what once was the church.

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