Christmas market in Tykarp cave

Tykarp cave

I was looking for some interesting places to go for Christmas markets and found one organised in a cave!  The cave is called Tykarpsgrottan (Tykarp cave) and is located in southern Sweden. As it was only 2,5h drive from Copenhagen I decided to hop into the car and just drive there.

Getting there

Getting to Sweden was easy, we just took a ferry from Helsingør (390 DKK both ways for 2 people) and it took only 20 minutes. Finding the cave was a little bit trickier though. My GPS did not have the cave address and chosing a number lower from the list got us on some unpaved road in the middle of the forest 🙂 After getting back on the main road we noticed a sign to a cave and a HUGE line of cars. So we just followed them. There was big parking next to the cave so all the cars had enough space to park. But let me say, we did not anticipate that many people.

We arrived there at 11.00 and the queue was huge! We ended up waiting 3h just to get in! At the beginning it was not that bad as the sun was shining but the moment it hid behind clouds, we thought we are going to freeze (we didn’t have warm enough cloths as we just assumed we will get straight to a cave after getting out of the car ;p ). But we also made some new friends while waiting 🙂 They told us that it is actually frist year that there are some many people and the staff did not anticipate that many visitors. This is what I call a magic of Facebook! Everyone I have talked with, saw this event there and just thought it’s cool idea to see Christmas market in a cave 🙂

The Tykarp cave

The entrance to the cave was only 65 SEK and you could pay by card. The cave and the market was quite nice, however after waiting for 3h in a queue I have expected it to be so much bigger and grander. Truth to be told, if I knew about its size I would have not waited that long. Don’t misunderstand, it still was quite charming but dang, it was cold outside! Inside the cave there were many stalls selling handmade products, honey, sausages and Glog (mulled wine). Most of the products you could actually try. Whiskey sausage was really weird though ;p Some of the stalls even accepted credit cards!!

The cave itself was beautifully illuminated and filled with decorations. There was also Santa Claus hidden in one of the caves ! It really looked magical and as I said if not for a long queue I would really have enjoyed everything!

Practical info

Christmas market is only open until tomorrow (4.12.2016) between 10.00-16.00.

This is the website of the cave: www.tykarpsgrottan.net


If you decide to go, try to be there as soon as possible in order not to stand in the queue for that long.

Remember also to take:

  • warm clothes
  • some swedish cash (not all the stalls accepted credit cards)
  • passport/id as there is still border control in Sweden

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