Isaberg – One day skiing trip from Copenhagen


Isaberg is a ski resort in Sweden. It has 10 different routes that are good for kids, unskilled, and skilled skiers/ snowboarders. Everyone will be able to find something for themselves. There are also different kinds of lifts available: chair lifts, j-bar lifts, and t-bar lifts. So you can choose your preferred type of transportation.

For more details check out Isaberg’s official website.

Isaberg - Ski slopes
Isaberg – Ski slopes

The pictures I have made are not showing all the fun. We were there at the beginning of March and well, it was already warm. Two days after our visit, the ski resort closed for the season. But even in the melting snow I had so much fun that the next day I was so tired that I couldn’t move 🙂

Equipment rental

It is possible to rent all kinds of equipment in Isaberg. You can either book it beforehand on their website or on-site. The drawback of renting on-site is that you will wait in the queue before you manage to get your things and you might get unlucky and not be able to get your size (though I doubt it, they had plenty of skis and snowboards).

Remember to take your ID.

If you want to know more about the prices, check out their site.


If you get tired of skiing, you can take a break and make use of many available grills that are located around the slopes. You can buy the coal at the same place where you get ski passes. If you would like to have more space for yourself and your friends you can book a grill hut for a whole day or just a half. There are also some shelters where you can heat yourself and your food up.

There is also a restaurant available, where you can eat some tasty food.

As you can see, there are many things available for you to choose from.

How to get there

Isaberg is located 280 km from Copenhagen and is easily reachable by car or bus. There are a couple of companies that organize day or couple days trips.

You could try using one of those companies: (****Links updated in 2022****)

Hafnia Rejser


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    • There were toilets, where I saw some people change. There might be some changing rooms, but I’ve been there a while ago, so a lot of things might have changed.


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