Vallø Slot

Vallø Slot is another one of castles that are scattered around Denmark. It has been built around 1500.

What is interesting about this place is that Queen Sophia Magdalene in 1737 founded the Noble Vallø Foundation for Unmarried Daughters and the manor provided residence to those woman. Even nowadays it is still a place for Danish noble woman for who are unmarried, divorced or widowed.

Around the castle there is a beautiful garden that is accessible to everyone. I was visiting Vallø during one of those rare sunny days and the grounds were full of people playing some games on the grass and just enjoying the sunshine.

There is a lot of nice scenery around. Wildlife (yeah, ducks are everywhere) and typical old danish houses.


It is located close to Køge, so it is easy to get there from the city center with a bike (hop with it to S-tog to Køge and then bike the rest).



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