Ledreborg Slot

This is another one of the “castles” you can find in Denmark as slot is translatable into a castle.

It was finished in 1746 and its furnished with 250 years old furniture. Around the castle there is a beautiful park that is open for public viewing (1. May – 31. October between 11-16).

I have read it is possible to have a tour inside the castle for special occasions but generally its closed for public as the family that owns the place still lives in there.

In the park on the trees there is rope park where kids can climb (and yes you have to pay for it ;p ).

There is also golf course and a viking village (I’ve learned about the village  when I came back from the trip so now I have the reason to revisit ;] )

Ledreborg Slot is located in Lejre which is really close to Roskilde. It took me 3 hours on bike to get there from where I live (~45km) but it was worth all the effort!

If you want to know more, check the information about the castle under this link.

What is also worth mentioning is the “getting there part“.

As I mentioned before I was biking the whole way from Copenhagen. The views were amazing and it was a lot of fun!



There are a lot of old houses around the castle and most of them are now part of the museum:


By accident in Gammle Lejre (Old Lejre) I stumbled across some wierd stones that happened to be the remains of the ancient burial grounds:


So even though the castle was not grand (kinnda got used to that living in Denmark), everything else was awesome and I will go back there again as I missed the viking village!!!



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