Fredensborg Slot

This is really nice palace to go and see, especially because it is still occupied by Queen and Prince 3 months in the spring and 3 months in autumn.   The palace is also used as a place to meet foreign officials or to celebrate important events in the royal family.

It is only open for public viewing in July. There is really nice guided tour inside, where you learn really nice facts about history of the place and about the Queen . I was soo surprised when I’ve learned she translated Lord of The Rings to Danish! And she drew pictures in that book too!!

During the tour you will also see a Queen’s garden where they grow all kinds of vegetables the kitchen then uses to prepare food for the royals.

The gardens surrounding the palace are open all year round during the day and they are really nice to go and take a stroll. While being there I have also noticed it is quite popular area for taking wedding photos as there were a lot of young couples posing to the camera 😉



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