Roadtrip in Romania: Mamaia



Mamaia was a totally unexpected stop of our trip. Our friends had already booked holidays there, so we tagged along for 3 days:D

It turned out that after all that travelling, we really needed couple of days of not doing anything and just sitting on the beach next to Black Sea!

A little explanation, Mamaia is a strip of sand lying between the lake and the Black Sea . It is the most popular and expensive beach resort in Romania. There are a lot of restaurants and night clubs around, varying a lot in prices. Because of that, both, the sea-side and the streets are really crowded. If you want to see how big Mamaia is, all the hotels and streets, just hop onto the telegondola, that will take you around. It costs only 10 lei/person 🙂

The water was great there but this was influenced by the fact that Baltic Sea that is next to where I live, is super cold 😛 Unfortunately, there were cigarette butts everywhere on the beach! That was the most disgusting part of the whole experience! Imagine, sitting and playing with the sand, and then suddenly you have a hand full of  cigarette butts …. Bleh…

Also when I was there, it was allowed to smoke in public places. That ment that sitting in a restaurant ment sitting in a cloud of smoke. I have heard that it got forbidden year later, so maybe the situation is better now.

But apart from those inconveniences, it was still great! The food was really awesome! All different kinds of the seafood! Well, what can I say, it was great!



You might have heard of Constanta. First of all, it is the oldest inhabited city in Romania dating back to 600BC. It also used to be very popular in Eastern European block some time ago – even my dad still remembers his trips there 😀 Nowadays, it is still really popular place among Romanians and to back it up, imagine that one of two highways are going from the capital straight to the seaside 🙂

Constanta is really close to Mamaia, which makes it a perfect place for afternoon stroll. The most remarkable place was old casino. It is really run down now, but you can still see the old glory.


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