Bellevue Beach in February 2021

Bellevue Strand

Winter finally showed up in Denmark and for the last couple of days, we had minus temperatures 🙂 When I saw a forecast and clear sky, I knew it is time for some amazing sunrise pictures 🙂 After all, you only get a chance to see a frozen sea in Denmark every 2-4 years!

So I decided to visit Bellevue Beach. I was there already in 2018 when suddenly the temperature in Denmark dropped to -20C. (Check out pictures from that time here) At that point, the beach looked amazing and I wanted to see how it will look now. To my surprise, I was not the only person with that idea! 🙂 There were around 10 of us, with our cameras and tripods all scattered around. Quite a crowd I must say.

Nonetheless, the sunrise was fantastic, I had total blast! Well, it would have been perfect if I have not fallen into the frozen sea:P That episode cut my trip a little short as wet shoes, pants, and -11C don’t really go that well together 🙂 So yeah, don’t walk on ice, having a sudden cold dip might not be a thing to go for, especially if you hold the expensive camera in your hand 🙂 And if you happen to repeat my mistake, at least make sure to watch the video, showing you how to get out of the frozen water 🙂




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