Melby Overdrev – The magic of the heather bloom

Melby Overdrev

From the beginning of August to the beginning of September, heather flowers blossom, covering moors in a delightful shade of violet. Take a walk, venture into nature, and get surrounded by thriving purple flowers and yellow lemon butterflies. There are actually many places in Denmark where you can find heather (Lyng in Danish). Check out … Read more

Hundested Sand Sculpture Festival 2022

Hundested Sand Sculpture Festival 2022

As summer tradition dictates, I visited Hundested Sand Sculpture Festival in Hundested again. As always, we enjoyed the breathtaking sculptures falling under the “Travel through time” theme and the great weather. More about the festival, under this link. And if you are interested, check out previous years: 2021- “Around the world – without borders” 2020 … Read more

Medieval ruins of Næsholm


While driving through the Odsherred region, we stumbled upon a lake with medieval castle ruins of Næsholm out on the islet. The recently (2013) reconstructed oak bridge leads to the castle ruins dating to 1278. There is not much left of Næsholm’s original buildings, which have primarily consisted of a central tower, the bailiff’s residence, … Read more

Karlstrup Kalkgrav – Zealand’s clearest lake

Karlstrup Kalkgrav

Karlstrup Kalkgrav, the limestone quarry located in Solrød, is considered Zealand’s clearest lake. The area is popular in the summer when everyone enjoys picnics near magnificent azure waters. The quarry started operating in 1843 and was in use until 1975, after which a lake emerged. During that period, many houses around Copenhagen were built with … Read more

Malbork Castle – largest Gothic castle complex in the world


Forty-five minutes away from Gdańsk lies the city of Malbork, where you can find a breathtaking castle from the 13th century. The castle is seven centuries old and has never been conquered! It is the largest Gothic castle complex in the world, with an area of approximately 21 hectares, a masterpiece of defensive and residential … Read more

Westerplatte – where II World War started


Westerplatte is a large protective peninsula shielding Gdańsk’s Nowy Port to its south. Its significant defensive role was proven on September 1, 1939, at 4.45 am, when “Schleswig-Holstein“, a German battleship, opened fire and thus started the Second World War. Fight for Westerplatte According to the initial optimistic assumptions of the command, the Polish post … Read more

Gdańsk – a perfect weekend getaway


Gdańsk is a fascinating city with a rich history blending tradition and modernity flawlessly. Together with the neighboring cities of Sopot and Gdynia, it forms one of the largest agglomerations in Poland called Tricity. While walking down the streets, you will see outstanding architecture featuring both old tenement houses dating back to the previous centuries … Read more