Day 4 of Camino Portugués Central: Pontevedra – Caldas de Reis (23 km)

Pontevedra - Caldas de Reis

Distance: 23 km / 14.2 mi The route Another day, another bout of rain. We donned our raincoats and continued our hike. Just north of Pontevedra, the Camino reaches a junction for the Variante Espiritual, a popular alternate route on the Portuguese Camino. This coastal route, often called La Traslatio (or Translatio), includes a boat … Read more

Day 1 of Camino Portugués Central: Valença – Tui – O Porriño (17km)

Valença – Tui

Distance: 17km/10.5 mi Valença Valença was easily one of the prettiest stops on our hike. Nestled in northern Portugal, this town is famous for its beautifully preserved medieval structures and the stunning vistas across the Minho River. The standout attraction here is the Fortaleza de Valença, an imposing fortress that dates back to the 13th … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Surviving the Camino Portugués Central hike: Tips from a First-Timer

The Camino Portugués Central

I recently got back from the most intense holiday week ever! I wasn’t sure I’d make it through, but guess what—I walked an unbelievable 210 km in just seven days! It’s shocking, I know, especially for someone who’s more used to the couch than the trail. I’m still pinching myself to believe it, and I’ve … Read more

Throne Changing Ceremony – a historic moment for Denmark

Throne change ceremony

Today marked a historic moment in Denmark’s royal history. After an extraordinary 52 years, Queen Margrethe II has gracefully stepped down from the throne, making her the first Danish monarch to abdicate voluntarily in over eight centuries. The air was thick with emotion as she signed the abdication papers, closing a remarkable chapter in Denmark’s … Read more

Recap of 2023


Another year has zoomed by, swift and stormy as a thunderbolt! Honestly, I’m baffled at how the months have slipped through my fingers. It’s been a dizzying whirlwind of emotions, events, and a whole lot of happenings. Even this little recap is coming to you fashionably late, thanks to the wildest, most jam-packed two months … Read more

Ene Øjesten and the Future-Seeing Stone

Ene Øjesten

In a picturesque field in Børkop, Jutland, Ene Øjesten sits peacefully, encircled by grazing cows. Occasionally, intrigued tourists meander through the field to observe her. Legend has it that Ene Øjesten, while exploring the vicinity, stumbled upon an enchanted stone. This unique stone is characterized by its flat surface and a distinct hole at its … Read more

A Christmas Market Adventure: Exploring the Wonders of Basel and Colmar


In the whimsical year of Corona, my dreams of wandering through the twinkling Christmas markets were dashed, much like many other grand plans of that year. But, undeterred, I decided to try my luck again this year, and voilà! I snagged some wallet-friendly flights for a weekend escapade to Switzerland. Over the course of two … Read more