Strawberry picking -Kildebronde

It’s finally time for strawberries in Denmark! If you hadn’t a chance to try strawberry picking (Plukselv med jordbær) you should definitely try it!

Four  reasons why you should do it:

  1. It’s a great pass time, especially if you have kids. They are in heaven and they actually learn that strawberries don’t grow in supermarkets 🙂
  2. It’s much cheaper than in shops – 30 kr/kg
  3. You only pick those strawberries that you actually like (huge, red, sweet like honey)
  4. And the most important: You can eat as much as you want while picking – so actually more goes into your mouth than into your basket 😉

The place I went to was located in Greve . Here is a link to their website. Right now the strawberry season is on and in two weeks cherries are going to be available too!

There are a lot of strawberry farms around Copenhagen, go on this website www.plukselvfrugt.dk and find the one closest to you 😀

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