Soaring Skies: Day at a Local Airshow


The past couple of weekends have been incredibly bustling yet fulfilling! One of the highlights was attending an airshow in the local area. Initially, the plan was to enjoy a barbecue at my friend’s place. However, she spotted some banners advertising the airshow on her commute home and suggested that we check it out before firing up the grill. Given the relentless rain throughout July, I didn’t have high expectations for good weather. To my delight, when we arrived at the local airport, the skies were clear and sunny. I was ecstatic that I had brought along my telephoto lens. Sky was filled with roaring engines, daring aerobatics, and vintage planes—pilots were showcasing skill in a thrilling aerial spectacle. The entire experience was truly exhilarating!

The link to their official website; keep an eye on next year 🙂


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