Jægersborg Dyrehave

Jægersborg Dyrehave

Unfortunately the summer is over but that does not mean you have to stay confined in a house! Autumn is perfect time for a stroll in Dyrehaven (Deer Park)! It is a park located in Kgs. Lygby (20 min ride from Copenhagen), where you are able to spot different kinds of deers – basically Bambis … Read more

Kulturnatten 2016

Every year in October the doors to museums, government institutions open for the public. During this one night you can go to places that are usually not accessible for a “normal” person, get a guided tour and ask all the questions! In some places you are treated to some nice samples of food:D This is … Read more


After seeing the picture of this cliff everywhere for couple years now I had to finally go there too!! So I sat down one day in front of the computer and looked for the first available date and booked flight to Bergen. What is Trolltunga: Trolltunga is an amazing looking cliff situated ~1100 meters above … Read more