Nusfjord is one of the oldest and best-preserved fishing villages in Norway and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

There were a couple of reasons why we wanted to see Nusfjord; I have seen many picturesque images of this beautiful harbor nestled between the mountains and full of delightful yellow and red fisherman cabins, so I was determined to go and check it out. Both my boyfriend and I try to see all the UNESCO sites we come across, as they are almost always worth the visit. Additionally, my boyfriend is a huge board game fan, and he really wanted to see the place depicted in the game called “Nusfjord”.

There have been found traces of people living in Nusfjord as far back as 425 BC, even though the road leading to the village was only built 50 years ago! 

In older days, Nusfjord was home to around 1500 fishers, some of them living in rorbuer (fisherman houses), and some of them only having a toppled-over boat as their shelter. Many of the old buildings related to the fishing industry have been renovated and taken care of. Today the fish oil factory, old smokery, blacksmith, boathouses, and many other buildings make up this historical village showing you a glimpse of the old Lofoten life. Nusfjord is nowadays an open-air museum, similar to what you can see in the village Å.

Due to the high popularity and resultant overcrowding on Lofoten, there is a 75 NOK fee to enter the village during the summer. This fee contributes to the preservation of the site.

Unfortunately, we arrived at the village quite late, and everything was closed except the restaurants. We strolled around this picturesque village, marveled at the views, and ordered some delicious and (a very expensive) Norwegian pizza 🙂 Maybe next time we end up in Lofoten, we will revisit the village, perhaps staying in one of the fisherman cabins enjoying midnight sun in an outdoor bathtub 🙂


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