Å is a tiny village located at the end of the Lofoten archipelago marking the end of the E10 highway. It used to be a small fishing village specializing in stockfish, but now it focuses more on tourism due to the increasing number of people visiting the archipelago. You can visit there two museums: Tørrfiskmuseum (Stockfish Museum) and The Norsk Fiskeværsmuseum (Norwegian Fishing Village Museum).

The Norsk Fiskeværsmuseum (Norwegian Fishing Village Museum)

We visited the Fishing Village Museum, an open-air museum consisting of different buildings, showing the 250 years of the village fishing story. When there, check out Europe’s oldest active cod-liver oil factory and get a taste of tran (cod liver oil). If tran is not your cup of oil, what would you say to cinnamon rolls from a stone oven from 1878? They were so delicious; we ended up getting two each 🙂
The museum usually has guided tours and demonstrations, but due to Covid, they were unavailable.
You can check out the museum website to know more.

Tørrfiskmuseum (Stockfish Museum)

Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough time to go to the Stockfish Museum, which shows the process of preparing the popular Norwegian staple. If you ever wondered why fish is hanging everywhere in Lofoten, that’s the place to find out more!

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