Tokyo’s crazy restaurants and cafes

Robot Restaurant

Tokyo is a capital full of crazy and insane restaurants and cafes. If you ever want to go to a weird, different place, it is definitely for you. I can guarantee an unforgettable experience!

I was in Tokyo only for three days, so I have not managed to go to all the restaurants I wanted. I guess I need to go to Tokyo again! But I managed to visit a couple that I think were amazing!!

Owl Cafe

When I was reading about Tokyo’s animal cafes, I could find so many different ones! The cat, dog, bunny, pug, owl cafes. Any animal you could think off. So I decided to go to an owl cafe, as it sounded the weirdest 🙂 There are several of those cafes in Tokyo, and I went to the one called Harajuku Owl Cafe.

It was a little different from what I imagined. I thought I would sit and owls will fly around 😀 Instead, we were seated in the cafe area, where we ate. And only afterward, we were taken to a separate area where the owls were kept. It was still really cool, even when the owls were not flying around 🙂 We were allowed to pet them, take pictures of them and with them. Some owls were okay with being seated on our arms. It was a fantastic experience.

During the whole interaction, we had shop assistants with us, to make sure the owls and we are fine. They were also helping with pictures:D I think the best picture I took was when the owl on my arm suddenly went for my neck 😀 I think she wanted to snuggle, but the face we both made was priceless 😀

It is a good idea to book the spot in advance as those cafes are bustling. Click on the link if you want to book it 🙂

Maid Cafe

I think the maid cafe is the most famous kind of cafe in Japan. Ever since I was addicted to mangas and anime, I knew I had to go to one. Those cafes are places where cute maids are serving kawaii (cute) beverages to the customers. I didn’t have any particular place in mind, but Akihabara is full of those cafes, so I just entered one.

To be honest, I was a little disappointed. Maybe because I have read so much about them in mangas and had huge expectations or perhaps because I was female or possibly because I did not speak Japanese; I felt a little bit left alone in there. Everyone else was talking with a maid!

The thing is when you go to a cafe like that,  you pick an adorable dish, and a maid is talking to you and later taking a picture with you. In my case after I got my food, I got ditched 😛 Anyway, It was still so weird to sing a moe moe song to my food:P The girl asked me what cute thing she should draw on my drink. I went with butterfly:) That was one funny and ugly butterfly:D

The menu is overpriced, so if you go there to get some good food, don’t. The cafe is more about the experience than food 🙂 And you get to take a picture with your maid:D They did not allow me to take pictures, apart from the polaroid one they took of the maid and me;(

Ninja Akasaka Restaurant

I had read about the restaurant way before I went to Japan. But I did not reserve a spot as I was not sure about my schedule, so one evening I just dropped by the restaurant and asked them for a place. I was fortunate and got a reservation for the next day.

It was one of the best restaurants I’ve been to. The place is stylized as shinobi village (a ninja village). When you enter, they lead you through a hidden passage with a bridge that is later hidden away! When I entered my box, my ninja server told me that I need to find a secret button if I want to get him to come. And then he left me alone in the room 😀 It was so much fun looking for it.

There were different kinds of menus.  I just took a meal scroll and picked one set. I settled for the one costing ~80$. It was expensive, but the food was terrific. Bread stylized as shurikens, some food on fire. It looked great and tasted even better.

To know more, check the Ninja Akasaka website.


Robot Restaurant

That was the craziest, most insane restaurant I have ever been to! There was an option to get bento and eat, but truth to be told, there was no time! Skip the food and enjoy the show. There was also no time to take pictures. I was lucky I was sitting in the first row. I have put up the camera and just continued pressing the button without looking 🙂

The show combines robots, dragons, ninjas, dancers, drums, a whole lot of neon lights, and deafening music. You feel like you ate some LSD, got puked by a unicorn, and overdosed on sugar in one go. I was not sure where to look as there was so much going on! But I enjoyed every second of it. The show lasts 90 minutes, but when it is done, you can’t believe it.

Tip: Don’t buy tickets at the counter. First of all, it might be sold out. Second of all, it is cheaper online, and there are many deals — one of them, here.

Vampire Cafe

The Vampire Cafe in Ginza, is as the name suggests, a theme restaurant that sweeps its visitors away into a world full of vampires. Servers dressed up as vampires bring awesome-looking dishes and drinks, fully immersing you in a great atmosphere.

The food is a little bit overpriced but tastes all right and looks phenomenal. Above all, you go there more for the atmosphere rather than a gourmet meal 🙂

We went there in 2019 and at that point we bought our tickets on Voyagin.


Was it all? DEFINITELY NOT. There are so many other restaurants there I would love to try. Unfortunately, Alcatraz and Kawaii Monster Cafe closed down before I had a chance to see them ;(

Though, I am sure I will be back in Tokyo and will definitely add more interesting restaurants to the list.

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