Souvenirs from Takayama

Sarubobo dolls

I am always looking for souvenirs and unusual tastes when I am traveling. That is why when you are in Takayama you should get your hands on those items!

  • Hida-gyu  (Hida Beef)

    It is famous beef from this region. You probably heard about Kobe beef? This is the same class of meat. The specific name is given to meat from black-haired Japanese cattle that have been raised in Gifu Prefecture for at least 14 months. The look of the beef is unique – it has a marble pattern all over.

    I am not a fan of beef so can’t say if it was better than a normal one. But according to reviews it melts in your mouth and tastes heavenly. So you don’t have a choice, try it yourself!

  • Sarubobo doll

The name means “baby monkey” in the regional dialect. The toys were created by mothers or grandmothers and give to kids/ grandkids as a good charm for good fortune. Initially, they were only red, but now they come in all different colors and sizes.

It is a perfect gift as you can pick what kind of charm it should be and a keychain is quite easy to transport!

Red – Marriage, and family. It brings good marriage, easy birth and proper growth of children.
Gold – Money and success. It helps cultivate talent and skill. It increases economic fortune and protects against bad luck.
Yellow – Money and gambling. It brings luck in gambling, lotteries, and financial success.
Pink – Love. It is believed to help you meet someone. But if you already have someone or are married, it will help your relationship to go well.
Blue – Study or Job. It is said to bring a sense of calmness to improve concentration.
Green – Peace and Health. This one promotes good health and prevents sickness.
Purple – Longevity and Success. It brings success in all aspects of life, and a healthy, long life.
Black – Protection from evil. This guard against the evil of any sort.

  • Sake

Takayama is well-known throughout Japan for producing fantastic sake. So while you are walking through Sanmachi Suji District pop by different sake breweries and try it out! Most places offer small samples so go and enjoy!



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