Simon and Anine

Simon and Anine

Simon And Anine are hiding in the suburb of Tilst (close to Aarhus) in one of the most unexpected places – a crossroad with gas stations and fast foods.  So if you are on your way out of Aarhus make sure to stop by and check them out.

A very interesting story is connected to this troll. He was initially built in 2015 as a temporary work of art and unfortunately soon after his creation, he was destroyed by a big hurricane. However local community, and especially the girl name Anine, were really fond of the troll. So the 14-year-old girl decided to start fundraising in order to get enough funds to get him fixed. In honor of Anine who made the project possible, and even volunteered together with two friends to build the sculpture, the name of Simons’s new friend is Anine. Therefore the sculpture is called Simon and Anine.

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