Odense Zoo

Odense Zoo

During the weekend, we went for a short visit to Odense. While in the area, we decided to visit Odense Zoo and enjoy a beautiful sunny day while walking and taking pictures of the various animals, relaxing in the early spring sun.

Even though the Zoo is not the biggest one we’ve been to, there is plenty of space and prospects for further development. It is home to 130 species and more than 2000 individual animals. We were captivated by the variety of the animals and the uniqueness of the enclosures, which tried closely resemble the natural environment of the inhabiting animals. We got a chance to peak into the sleeping lions’ den and walk through a jungle with miniature monkeys, turtles, and manatees. The penguin enclosure resembled Antarctica with snow on the ground and penguins trying to steal fish from the caretaker’s buckets. There were even fluffy teenage penguins that still needed their parents to feed them!

One other attraction that we enjoyed was watching the animals being fed and listening to caretakers explain details about them. Check out the program for more info.

The Zoo not only allows you to be closer to animals and learn about them but also organizes workshops for kids and lets them play on the playgrounds and enjoy one of the most popular attractions – Bøgetoppen, a 250-meter walk through aerial walkways and platforms on top of the trees. 

More about the zoo can be found on the official website.

How to get there

By boat

The most exciting way to get to the Zoo is to sail to Odense ZOO with Odense Aafart. The boat meanders through the beautiful Odense Å river, surrounded by lovely nature. We couldn’t try it, as the season starts in April; however, we walked along the river bank and enjoyed the early spring waking up the flora all around us.

More details about the boat ride can be found here.

By car

There is a public car park close by (Sdr. Boulevard 79) with free parking (part is unlimited parking, part is 5 hours, so check the signs)

By bus

The bus stop is located 400 m away from the Zoo.

By bike

As usual, when it comes to Denmark, there are plenty of places to park your bike. You can also find free public bikes across from the entrance to the Zoo. 

More info about transport can be found here.

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