Marselisborg Dyrehave – where deers roam around

Marselisborg Dyrehave

Marselisborg Dyrehave in Aarhus, opened in 1932, is a 22-hectare area surrounded by a forest where deers and boars roam around. The terrain is a bit hilly, hiding a gorgeous landscape behind the rolling hills and meandering river.

You can walk freely among the animals, and if you have a carrot or an apple, you can also share it with curious does and stags. They are exceptionally approachable on Sundays, as they do not get fed that day. The wild boar’s area is fenced, and you should not try to feed them, but you can still observe them when they look for food in the ground.

There are many benches and picnic areas all around the park, so it is an ideal place to come and chill on a sunny day. Just remember to keep an eye on your picnic basket. The animals are little sneaky thieves 🙂

When to visit

Whenever you visit Dyrehaven, you will definitely not be bored. Throughout the year, many things are happening around.

In December and January, wild boars mate and then give birth to little piglets between March and May. During this time (April-May), the deer shed their antlers.

If you like small fawns and baby foxes, make sure to visit Dyrehaven during late spring/summer (June -July), as this is when they are born. However, do not approach them too close as mama deer and mama fox will not like it and might attack you.

In August, the deers grow their antlers back only to use them to fight for females while in heat in September/October. During that time, they might be dangerous to approach, so let them fight from a distance.

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