Ivan Evigvår from Sydhavnstippen 

Ivan Evigvår from Sydhavnstippen

We got tired of sitting at home and not getting any exercise, so we decided to make a small bike trip. What is a better way to spend an afternoon than do a troll hunt! We are still missing a couple of trolls from the map, so it was time to add one more to the “been there” list 🙂

Ivan Evigvår from Sydhavnstippen 

Ivan Evigvår is the tenth and final troll of the Troldefolkefest 🙂 The troll is three meters tall and carries a plate and a staff in the form of an old wooden pole, which the artist Thomas Dambo received from a local fisher.

If you haven’t tried the troll hunt yet, worry not 🙂 Head to www.trollmap.com and start your hunt today!

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Sydhavns Tippen – the South Harbour Tip is a green, self-grown, and protected area located in the Copenhagen neighborhood of Sydhavn overlooking the coastal area that comprises the Kalveboderne bird reserve.

The area used to be a junkyard for construction work debris, but due to its infrequent use it was claimed by nature, thus transforming it into a green area available for everyone as a quick escape from the busy life of Copenhagen. Stejlepladsen, where the troll stands, faces an ongoing battle between those who prefer to have the place preserved as a green space and those that would prefer to have more housing. 

The area’s biggest selling point is the free-roaming sheep and alpacas. Even I couldn’t resist petting a fluffy sheep 🙂 Not to mention the alpacas!! To be honest, I think I just love fluffy animals! 

The area also contains many fireplaces and improvised campsites; we even saw a few people in hammocks even though it was a cold January day. So don’t let the weather stop you; bring some lunch for yourself, some snacks for the sheep, and enjoy a peaceful day away from the bustling city 🙂


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