Hanna Halerød from Allerød

Hanna Halerød from Allerød

With a rare glimmer of sun piercing through the cloudy skies, we spontaneously decided to take a mini adventure. We were torn on where to go, but then we remembered we didn’t catch all the hidden trolls yet! A quick check on the website revealed one was located near Allerød, so we set off on a troll-finding expedition.

Hence, we embarked on a journey to find Hanna Halerød, who was rumored to be hiding at Mørkebakke in Ravnsholtskov near Allerød. After a leisurely walk through the forest on a chilly but sunny day, we finally stumbled upon the towering figure of Hanna Halerød. The sight of her massive tail immediately piqued our curiosity, and we couldn’t resist taking a closer look. We snapped a few pictures and, like giddy children, followed the tail to its end.

If you are better at planning than us, take a picnic basket, as the tail of Hanna Halerød leads to a small shelter where you can enjoy grilling some food surrounded by the beautiful scenery.

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