Gundsømagle Sø – Zealand’s largest reed forest

Gundsømagle Sø

While looking for unique places to visit and quench my thirst for adventure, I stumbled upon pictures of a narrow plank bridge leading deep into a marsh full of reeds. Without any hesitation, I decided to head to Gundsømagle Sø and its reed ‘forest’!

Gundsømagle Sø

The Gundsømagle Sø area is popular among bird watchers and bird enthusiasts because it offers the possibility of spotting a wide range of bird species throughout the whole year. The entire Gundsømagle Lake area is approximately 370 hectares. There are two bird towers in the area, from which you can overlook the vast grounds filled with reeds aplenty with birds and their fascinating vocal tracks. The Bird Protection Foundation owns 60 hectares of the site, and tends to the bird-rich lakes, and organizes different bird-watching tours throughout the season. If you are interested, check the link for details about the tours.

The small plank bridge path goes throughout the whole protected area, connecting the bird towers by an 800 m long footpath and reed forest by 300 m long path. Here, you can explore willow and birch scrub and swamp forest, where usually you would need waterproof shoes to go through as well as enormous reed forest (the largest reed forest in Zealand) where you can get a feeling of getting lost among the tall grass. If you visit in May, flowers will surround the pathway.

How to get there:

There are two entrances to the nature reserve.

  • Østrup / western bird tower
    Drive to the village Østrup at the east end of the lake. Here you will find a parking space in the bend at Store Valbyvej opposite the large white Østrupgård. There is also a bus stop in Østrup.
  • Kirkerup Field / eastern bird tower:
    From Kirkerupvej, between Kirkerup and Østrup, a small field road (which may be difficult to find) goes down to the south side of the lake. It is not suitable for driving, and you are therefore instructed to park by the road.

There is no access to the reserve itself except for the paths from the two parking spaces on the south shore, from which there is a good view of the lake, the reed forest, and the meadow.

See map below.

Gundsømagle Sø


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