Gribskov is Denmark’s largest old forest, and there are many ancient relics, interesting natural areas, and cultural monuments. 

Gribskov is a Natura 2000 habitat and bird protection area and part of Nationalpark Kongerens Nordsjælland. Together with Store Dyrehave and Jægersborg Deer Park, the forest’s Par force hunting grounds have been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Check out this link if you are interested in finding more about attractions hidden in the forest.

I haven’t seen much of the forest yet. It is enormous, after all! So this is not the last trip there. The day we decided to venture into the depths of the forest, there was quite cold (~5C) weather, and it was pretty overcast (⌯˃̶᷄ ﹏ ˂̶᷄⌯)゚. Additionally, me finding an anthill with very sleepy but active ants made us freeze our butts for at least an hour while I was trying to take pictures of them. So after this small photo session, we were so frozen, so we decided we walked enough and went home. We saw many people grilling in campfire sites and having the hygge time with family and friends on our way through the forest. All primitive camping sites we passed were taken with people setting up camps to sleep there for a night. It looks like this is a popular place for a weekend getaway, so why don’t you give it a try 🙂


I found out there are many great activities too. As with all the forests in Denmark I have visited so far; there are many hiking routes, mountain bike tracks, and space for horseback riders. 

Additionally to the usual activities, you can also fish in different lakes around the forest if you have a fishing license (Gantekrogssø, Store Gribsø, Kildemosesø, Lille Fønstrup Dam, Store Hjortedam, Tinghus Sø, Esrum Sø).

If you have kids, you might want to check out a big natural playground – Eghjorten Skovlegeplads with hills, passages, and caves for kids to run around. And if you are into mystery games, try a mobile game Oppermann Mysteriet (unfortunately, it is only available in danish ∩︵∩ ). Download the Useeum app and find the Oppermann Mystery there and save science while running around the Eghjorten.

If you are a wild nature photographer or bird/wild animal enthusiast, check out bird towers and viewing platforms. There is a bird tower at the southernmost end of Esrum Lake close to the car park at Stenholt Mølleeng and one on the west bank of Strødam Engsø. At Gillelejevej / Hvideportevej and Gillelejevej / Ostrupvej, there are two viewing platforms close to the car parks. From here, you can look over to the forest edge, where the game often comes and grazes morning and evening.

And if by any chance there is a time where Copenhagen sees more than one day of 1cm of snow, remember Gribskov. It has the best ski slopes in the Copenhagen area; it is a nice hilly terrain. In collaboration with Copenhagen Ski Club, the Danish Nature Agency has designated 480 ha, where trails fare drawn when there is enough snow.

If you want to know more about the activities, check out this link. There are many links to interesting resources like maps, trails, brochures, and more.


How to get there

As usual, the easier way to get there is with a car, though finding a parking spot might be challenging on a lovely sunny day. 

If you want to take public transport, you can either take the Lokalbanen (local train) to Gribsø Station, or bus 307 to Skovskolen in Nødebo. 

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