Uttakleiv and Haukland Beach

Uttakleiv Beach

Both beaches are quite popular and are situated close to each other, separated only by a mountain with a tunnel. When I was researching the best beaches on Lofoten, they were both mentioned everywhere.

Due to their popularity, there are often many campers, cars, and tents around. So if you dream of sleeping on one of these epic beaches all alone in a tent, I’m sorry to disappoint you. 

The overflow of tourists is probably why you have to pay to enter Uttakleiv beach, even if you want to park there for a minute. You are not allowed to park by the road and will be fined if you do. On the other hand, Haukland Beach still has a free parking spot.

That being said, both beaches have amazing white sand, and the water has a mesmerizing azure color. This, in combination with the backdrop of Norway’s iconic mountains that rise out of the Arctic Sea’s deep blue waters, is out of this world and attracts photographers from around the globe for the potential of taking stunning pictures.

If you are up for a bit of a hike, it is possible to walk from one beach to another, saving you some money on the parking ticket. To do so, park your car in Haukland Beach and hike along the coast to Uttakliev Beach. The trail is well marked and is around 4 km one way. It is mostly flat, so it is it should be doable by everyone.

To get the best views over this incredible stretch of coast, hike to Mannen (400 m) or Veggen (489 m). The Mannen hike is shorter, easier, and accessible from both beaches, so more people choose this hike. You can combine this with a hike along the coast and make a loop to return to where you parked your car. Veggen is less busy but is only accessible from the Uttakliev Beach area. From what I could find, both vistas should offer amazing views and seem well worth the effort. Unfortunately, we only had less than an hour on the beaches, so I only got to enjoy the aerial view from the lens of my drone.

Uttakleiv Beach

Haukland Beach

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