Beaches in Denmark : Jægerspris Bugt

As in the weekend the weather was, let’s be brave and say it out loud, awesome, I decided to go to the beach.

But I didn’t want to go anywhere in the center of Copenhagen as I was sure I was not the only person who came with that  great idea and all the beaches would be totally packed.

A friend threw an idea to grab ice-cream near Jægerspris slot – which was a summer castle for Danish royalty and take a stroll in the royal garden. Honestly, the best ice-cream I ever had is located near the castle!

So we grabbed the bike and cycled to Jægerspris (it took us around 3 hours from Copenhagen). After eating, it was time to finally head to the beach.

To our surprise when we arrived at the location we found out that we have to walk to the beach through the water 😀 And the water was suuuuuper warm, ankle height and extra clear!

Take a look at the photos:

To be honest, you felt there like being in some other country! That definitely did not feel like cold Denmark we are so used to.

The place is perfect for kids as they can run without much worry as there is part that is pretty shallow and warm. Adults can go a little bit further into the water and then the water is shoulder hight – and you can still see shells on the ground!

One word of caution: the size of the beach depends on the tides and wind. So when my friend returned next day the beach was much bigger. When we returned there 2 days later the beach was much smaller.

But you don’t go there for a beach size or silky sand. You go there for awesome water!

So if you are looking for beach in Denmark that does not feel like Denmark, go ahead!

If you go there once you will definitely return!

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