Bulbjerg – The Shoulder of Jutland

Bulbjerg is Jutland’s only rock and thanks to that it is called also “The Shoulder of Jutland“. It is an amazing-looking 47 m high limestone cliff that is the only bird cliff on the Danish mainland. And that means there are a lot of cute birds hidden among the rocks:) Due to fierce waves hitting the cliff, there are quite often small stone avalanches, so make sure to approach it with caution.

The top of the cliff offers unparalleled views of the whole area and the sea. During World War II, Germany decided to use its advantageous position and build many bunkers in the area.

At the tip of Bulbjerg, there is an observation bunker from World War II set up as a small free museum, where you can read about Bulbjerg’s geology, the bird cliffs, the occupation period, and cultural history. In the surrounding, there are other bunkers scattered around. So when you are done marveling at birds and the fantastic landscape, take a stroll in the area and find some of them.

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