Wallmans Dinner Party

Wallmans Dinner Party

A while ago, I finally got a chance to go and see Wallmans Dinner Party. Thanks to Corona, the show got rescheduled three times in the last two years, and I lost faith we would get a chance to go. But then suddenly it happened 🙂

I wasn’t entirely sure what it was initially, but as it was the company event with my colleagues with food and entertainment included, I said why not. And I am glad I did! What a spectacle it was!

We were entertained by great music, breathtaking tricks, jokes, laughter, and super delicious food for almost five hours. I didn’t even notice the time going by. The food came in between the performances, with enough time to enjoy it and focus on what was happening. After the show finished, the venue changed into a nightclub with a dance space.

If you are looking for an exhilarating venue for a celebration, birthday, or a company event in Copenhagen, I can definitely recommend it. I had a blast.

The show is entirely English. More details about it and the menu you can find on the official website.

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