Rib boat ride

As recently I am in mood of trying new things and the weather is just perfect, this time I decided to try Rib Boats.

What are those? Well, a high-speed boats! As a proper speed boats they can accelerate up to 130-140km/h ! And that means, it’s a lot of fun, especially when taking turns 😀

We got picked up from Nyhavn and then took a slow way out of harbour. If you never did a canal cruise boat, well that would be you chance. You will get to see all the sights – well, except Little Mermaid, she is too little to be seen;) After a while I got worried that this would be the speed for the whole ride but I was wrong, so wrong! The second we got to the harbour border we went full speed! And oh gosh, that was awesome!! Our driver made sure we hit the waves properly and made really fast turns.

Where to sit you think? Well, through the ride you will get a chance to sit in every row. The boat goes around all islands near the harbour, where you will exchange seats. So you do also little sightseeing along all the fun 😉 When it came to the seats, I loved to be in the first row! It was so fast that you barley could move your head! The second best seat was at the very end. There I was allowed to stand up, while the boat was speeding up, which made me jump on every wave!  After couple minutes I was not feeling my hands, that’s how hard I was trying to hold on ;D

The ride took around 1h and if you want to know more details check the ActionBoat website.

And this is a short video from the ride. Hope this can convey how much fun it was!

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