Lumagica – Spooky LumiNights

Spooky LumiNights

LUMAGICA – Spooky LumiNights” is a light festival with fantastic light art and music. As you stroll through the area, you will pass by the illuminated spooky pumpkins, spiders, and skeletons. You will see enormous shimmering and gleaming sculptures, light corridors, and light shows that illuminate your path. In the heart of the light festival, you will find the tent area with live music, lounge atmosphere, and food, which merge perfectly with the rest of the Halloween light festival atmosphere.

I loved the lights and had a lot of fun taking pictures of the decorations. I encountered many people at the entrance, but the further I went, the fewer people I passed by. The only minus was that the light festival is quite far from Copenhagen – in Slagelse, around 100km away from where I live.

The tickets cost 160 kr on the website and 185 kr if bought at the entrance and include a free parking lot next to the entrance.

To buy the tickets and see the exact location, head to their website.

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